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Order a Helium Pack

Why can’t I order a pack directly from the store?


Packs like shoes, come in sizes, and often they are misunderstood when it comes to ordering.  The last thing we want is someone to spend their hard earned money on the wrong pack and have a miserable experience.  Furthermore, we are located in New Zealand and back and forth postage costs gets expensive and takes time.


Before we accept an order, we must be confident we have the correct sizing for each person.  This means we have an accurate torso length measurement as well as an idea of someone’s general build.  


Once we recommend a pack, you will be sent a code to order from our store.  This method means that you'll get the right pack the first time.


Jim Meyer

NZ Local:  021 413 364

International:  +64 (0) 21 413 364

Thanks for submitting!
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