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As outdoor enthusiasts and long-distance hikers, we believe in function over fashion, that simplicity is best.  Zippers are heavy, they leak and they can fail, so we don’t use zippers.  Multiple external pockets add towards labour time, increase price and leak, most of all they do nothing to add function.  Helium Packs believe gear should be ‘clean’, this means as few straps, pockets and parts as possible.  The less parts, the less failure points.  We believe packs should be ‘simple’, this means straightforward, intuitive and easy to use.  Most of all, we believe packs should be ‘ultralight’, in todays age there are plenty of robust ultralight fabrics that can replace the overkill heavy materials of decades ago.  


Ultra-light water resistand material (50 × 50 cm).png

Large front mesh pocket allows you to stash your wet tent or tarp each morning, while allowing drainage.  An additional bungy cord on the outside of the pocket provides an quick stash for your fleece or rain jacket as needed.


Materials:  Robic 210d Nylon for main pack body, water bottle pockets are made from Hex 70d Nylon or 100 gram pocket mesh, front stretch pocket is made from 100 gram pocket mesh, all sourced from the USA

Foams:  5mm EVA closed cell foam for shoulder straps and hipbelts, 10mm EVA foam for back panels - sourced from New Zealand.  3mm spacer mesh is sourced from USA.

Webbing:  12, 19, 25mm nylon webbing sourced in New Zealand

Plastic Hardware:  variety of suppliers including New Zealand, USA and China

Our packs come with anatomically correct shoulder straps, with a heavy S-curve, streamlined for lighter loads and freedom of movement.  We offer a standard mens and womens shoulder strap.


Hipbelts are thin, pliable but supportive 5mm EVA foam with 3mm spacer mesh, this allows for a supportive carry yet allow excellent freedom of movement for high stepping, crawling under blowdowns, and or sitting down filtering water in the field.  Womens' hipbelts have a 12 degree cant (flare) to maximise surface area and help reduce hot spots.


Excellent 7 point compression ensures your pack is able to be compressed with smaller loads or as your food declines as you approach your next resupply.  A single top compression strap provides additional stability.  Packs have a simple roll-down closure that allows flexibility and weather resistance.

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