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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you waiting times?

That depends on demand, material availability and my time schedule.  At this stage, Helium Packs is a one man show that I must fit in with my two other jobs, my family and my time spent in the mountains.  It typically takes me about 6-8 hours to build a pack, however I’m not going to have that amount of time in a single day.  Assuming I have everything I need at the time of purchase, customers can expect the pack to ship within a week in most circumstances.  If you have a hard deadline, make sure you allow the time needed.  We can sometimes rush build something however it cannot be guaranteed.


Don't you build children's packs too?

Yes, in the past we've built quite a few packs for children and will continue to do this informally as requested.

What is NZD?

New Zealand Dollar.  A quick search online for ‘Currency Calculator’ will allow you to work out the approximate exchange rate.  For many international customers they will be receiving a heavy discount due to the exchange rate.


Do you offer sponsorship or pro deals?

Unfortunately we are unable to sponsor anyone at this time, however if you are undertaking a long thru-hike we may be able to offer a pro deal at a discounted rate.  Please get in touch regarding pro deal availability.


How much weight can your packs handle?

Any lightweight pack can handle more weight than is recommended, however it needs to be said that frameless packs are for those people who have their systems down and are already going light.  We recommend no more than 11.5kg or 25lbs in our packs.  If you’re carrying more than that you really should be in a heavier pack with a suspension system.  Your pack should be the last place to save weight, after everything else is trimmed down.


What does ‘misuse’ mean?

When we say misuse we are referring to using the pack incorrectly.  This typically means thrashing it around, carrying too much weight, overtightening the load stabiliser straps, picking up the pack by the shoulder straps instead of the haul loop, etc…


Do you offer custom designs?

We do not plan on engaging in custom work however in the event a user had a design we saw value in, and something we could competently build, we may consider building it.


Do your packs ever go on sale?

No, although from time to time we may sell some prototypes at a reduced price via our Facebook page.  Our packs use premiere imported materials and many hours of labour, we feel our price is very reasonable.  There are plenty of heavily mass produced packs built overseas to choose from.


Do you recommend other cottage brands?

Absolutely, that’s how we got here.  Helium Packs encourages users to check out the following brands for excellent products that we have personally used:

·       Yama Mountain Gear – for shelters, bug nests and packs, amazing quality

·       Durston Gear – best shelters on the market in our view

·       Zpacks – for the lightest tents available using DCF

·       Kiwi Ultralight – New Zealand made ultralight quilts and more

·       ULA, Granite Gear, Atom Packs – all offer excellent packs

·       Mountain Laurel Designs – tarps, shelters, packs, quilts

·       Terra Rosa Gear – Australian based offering shelters and tarps, bike options

·       Tarptent – great shelters

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