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Terms and conditions

Terms of Warranty


Due to the nature of ultralight gear, we are reluctant to put any timeframe on our warranty.  This does not mean we offer a lifetime warranty, what we offer is a reasonable warranty against anything we sell to the original buyer, outside of misuse, animal attack and normal wear and tear.  A seam coming undone is a warranty issue, however the load stabilisers being pulled out of the foam due to misuse is not.  Any piece of ultralight gear needs to be treated with care, and one cannot expect to be able to throw around a 640 gram Helium Pack the same way you threw around your 3kg pack from years ago.


Warranty Items:

In the event we determine the issue is a warranty claim, we will do our best to repair the issue free of charge and will pay for postage returning the pack to the owner, anywhere in the world.  It’s the responsibility of the user to pay for postage to Helium Packs.  Keeping this in mind, for international users we would suggest looking to have the pack repaired locally because it will be faster and potentially cheaper.  Any item we sell that has a manufacturing defect and cannot be repaired will be replaced by Helium Packs at our discretion.  This excludes normal wear and tear, animal damage and/or misuse of the product. 


Any product sent to Helium Packs for warranty inspection must be cleaned prior to sending.


Non-Warranty Items:

In the event your pack needs repair that isn’t covered by our warranty, we will do our best to repair the pack at a reasonable cost.  For non-warranty issues the user must cover the costs of shipping to / from Helium Packs.  Again, we recommend looking to have this repaired locally if this is the case.

Returns and shipping

Return Policy:

We go to great lengths to make sure people are in the right frame size.  We do not allow customers to order without speaking with us and we only send an order code once we are confident we have the right information.  We do not ‘stock’ packs, each pack is built to order, therefore each pack should be treated similarly to a custom order as the only reason the pack is being built is because it’s been requested.  Therefore, packs are not able to be returned due to change of mind.  However, if the pack doesn’t fit properly and/or there is a defect, the pack must be returned within 14-days for those inside New Zealand and 28-days for international users.  We realise international postage is slow these days and will remain flexible on this for those overseas.  It’s the customers responsibility to pay for return postage.



Packs shipped within New Zealand will be shipped free of charge.  International customers will be charged a flat rate of $40NZD for shipping

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