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As outdoor enthusiasts and long-distance hikers, we believe in function over fashion, that simplicity is best. Helium Packs believe gear should be ‘clean’, this means as few straps, pockets and parts as possible.  The less parts, the less failure points.  We believe packs should be simple:  this means straightforward, intuitive and easy to use.  Most of all, gear needs to be as light as possible without sacrificing performance.

Clean, simple and ultralight backpacks built for experienced users who know what they need.

We offer a single design, made in two sizes

The Hazel ( fits 17.5-19.5 inches)

Our standard pack for men, this will fit a torso length of 44-49cms. Approximately 50 litres and weighs just 640 grams (22.8 oz).  $400NZD, free shipping within New Zealand.

The Clara (fits 15.5-17.5 inches)

Our standard pack for women, this will fit a torso length of 39-44cms. Approximately 45 litres and weighs just 620 grams (22.1 oz). $400NZD, free shipping within New Zealand.


For non-binary users, we recommend using your biological sex as a fit guide for torso length. Feel free to get in touch and we will help you choose the right pack.

No size Large?

We've been fitting packs for a long time and it's quite rare to find an adult male with a torso that exceeds 19.5 inches (50cms).  What is very common is for men to measure their torso incorrectly due to the way men typically gain weight.  Remember, you don't wear your pack where you wear your pants.  

We are well aware that a number of popular cottage companies offer long torso sizes, sometimes up to 22-24 inches, we are perplexed by this.  Either they do not understand fit or are happy to take people's money - both are problematic.  If you think you have a long torso, we strongly encourage you to reconsider this and make sure you're in the right size.  As a general rule, most men 6' 3" or under will be a medium which is 18 -19.5 inches, unless they have very short legs.  Most height comes in your legs.

However, if you fall into the tiny percentage of men who exceed a 19.5 inch torso, we can easily build a longer size if we are confident this is the case.  Using our fit guide, a Large would fit a 19.5-21.5 inch torso.


"Fast and friendly service. Great pack, extremely well built and exactly what I was after. Jim kept me informed the whole way through the process sending updates and pics so I could follow along. He asked lots of questions and followed up on some more vague answers to make sure I got what I wanted / needed."

- Chris (Moteuka)


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